Vintage Coral

by Estate Beads

About Vintage Coral Website

I started this website to help educate and inform people on the types of coral used in jewelry making. I love researching antique and vintage jewelry, and coral is my favorite type of jewelry. When I started trying to learn more about it, I had a hard time finding accurate information. I sincerely hope this website is a help to you.

● We are also interested in protecting the coral reefs that are remaining. We hope that once educated, people will only buy coral that was harvested legally and will fight the destruction of the reefs. Buying antique and vintage coral instead of newly harvest coral is one way to help save the reefs.

● This site is owned by Allison Dow, who also owns and operates, where coral beads and jewelry are available for sale along with other wonderful vintage beads, supplies, crystals and jewelry. Estate Beads and Jewelry also sells antique jewelry and collectibles on Ruby Lane and Etsy.

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